dream figures


performative irritating interactions
everyday items, paper, stuff and fantastical things
concept: John F. Kutil, Anna Russegger, Julia Frisch, Nora Dirisamer
concept for the visitors support „expecting the unexpectable“: Anna Russegger John F. Kutil
artists: Nora Dirisamer, Julia Frisch, John F. Kutil, Anna Russegger
cooperation: Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität & OÖ Kulturquartier

On Saturdays Dream Figures appear unexpectedly and accompany visitors for part of the way through the exhibition.

Julia Frisch *1986 in Linz (AT), lives and works there.
Nora Viktoria Dirisamer, *1981 in Linz (AT), lives and works in Linz & Germany.
John F. Kutil *1967 in Wien (AT), lives and works in Linz & Mühlviertel.
Anna Russegger *1984 in Berchtesgaden (DE), lives and works in Austria, Germany and Soutirol.